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In the coming months we will be travelling to, exploring and

building relationships in remote and wild parts of the globe; 

places where the natural world is respected and honoured, 

and where community is a way of life. 


We are committed to learning from and then working in

 partnership with these places & peoples, and with those

 who understand how to live daily in synthesis with nature.


We plan to steadily build future opportunities for Leaders

 from our technology saturated culture, to travel with us in 

order to explore and to reflect on that which in the west

 we seem to have forgotten.


Our focus will be on awareness, conservation, 

creativity and wellness. 


We hope that we and our fellow travellers will return

 changed - and will go back to families, careers and

 communities inspired to share our learning and

bring transformation to others and for future generations. 


Above all, we want to facilitate opportunity and learning;

 to think about how we might discover a less driven and

 a more reflective, natural and fruitful life. 


This year our team will be exploring, adventuring

and forging links in Africa, the Gobi Desert

  and the Himalayas and next year we will be

in India and Pokhara amongst others. 


If you’d like to learn more about this ongoing project,

and to join us on our future adventures;

 we’d love to hear from you. 

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South African Safari, Autumn 2019


Everest Region, Himalayas, Winter 2019


Mongolia Altai Mountains, Spring 2020


Northern India Tiger Reserve, Summer 2020


Elephant Safari, Pokhara Nepal, 2020

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