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After our Tibet & Everest world record trip in 2018, in November we will be returning to the Everest region for a world first in the Himalayas:

an ‘Inner-journey’ adventure led by our Sherpa family. 


This unique experience will include intensive personal development, conservation and teamwork in one of the wildest and most beautiful locations in the world, as we trek upward through the mountains to Everest View, the perfect location to experience a world first:

a Sherpa-led awareness retreat. 


If you’d like to join us on this adventure:

Everest Region Inner-Journey Adventure Retreat:  


30th November 2019 - 11th December 2019


With 9 Everest Summits between them, Nima Kancha Sherpa and Neil will be leading the climbing and adventure.


We are thrilled and excited to announce that the President of Good Health Nepal, and the International Director of SKA, Tsering Sangpo Sherpa, will be leading the Awareness and Personal Development retreat in the mountains.
Tsering Sangpo Sherpa 
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